Mobile matters …. are you testing your numbers across mobile networks?

It's never been more important to ensure your numbers are working across mobile networks.
On Thursday 20 June 2019 by Caroline Leonard

Mobile usage and popularity 

It will come as no surprise to hear that mobile has fundamentally transformed customer behavior and their expectations.  According to the Pew Research Center in 2018, 95% of U.S. consumers own a cell phone, and nearly 77% own a smartphone; the rates are even higher among young consumers. Penetration rates have reached approximately 65% worldwide and 84% in Europe (GSMA 2017).

Since roaming charges were abolished in Europe in June 2017, there has been a dramatic increase in mobile phone usage across the EU. Use of mobile data services while roaming in the EU and EEA increased by 435 per cent in the first year and a half alone 1.


Calls to businesses from cell phones

Increasingly, customers are using cell phones to make most or all of their calls - in fact, projections are that 169 billion mobile calls will be made to businesses annually by 2020. (BIA/Kelsey research).  The widespread use of cell phones and the increasing share of smartphones make people much more likely to use click-to-call and search for phone numbers in web ads and on websites than ever before. (netpeak)

Making it easier for consumers to call your business at the moment of intent can increase sales, revenues, profits and overall customer satisfaction. According to Google,  84% of people use mobile (cell) phones along with other devices while surfing the web, and 48% of local mobile searches ended with a call . A Nielsen study in 2015 estimated that 68% of mobile searches actually occur at home where there are other larger screen devices readily available. Google also discovered that, concerningly, 47% of mobile search users will search for other brands if they don’t see a phone number in a company’s web ad 2.




Do you know if your numbers are working correctly across mobile networks?

With such a rise in popularity of cell phones and smart phones around the world, are you confident that your numbers are working as well as they should be across mobile networks? A Google-commissioned Forrester Research report in 2015 found that “70% of companies say that mobile has urged them to transform their businesses and experiences.”

While you may be familiar with, and are already testing your inbound and dial-out numbers across traditional PSTN lines, are you testing these same numbers on mobile networks? Testing your numbers across mobile networks ensures you replicate your customers’ experience regardless of whether they are dialling your number through a traditional PSTN or a mobile network.




Spearline mobile testing

Just like the number testing we offer from landlines, Spearline mobile testing is run through our in-country servers, with real phone lines / SIM cards attached so you’re replicating the experience of a customer dialling from that country, using the largest network provider.

Diversity of coverage is crucial - you need to know that your numbers are being tested against a wide range of mobile networks. Our servers are placed in the most populated area of the country, which means that we are able to replicate exactly the experience of the majority of your customers.

To find out more, please download our mobile testing fact sheet.


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