Give the gift of better global communication to customers this Christmas

In the lead-up to Christmas, for family and friends abroad, there is one gift that is priceless - a conversation.
On Thursday 05 December 2019 by Orla Clancy


In the lead-up to Christmas, we are all busy - some of us frantically - searching for the perfect gift for our loved ones.  For families who have members living and working abroad, there is one gift that is priceless - a conversation. These priceless conversations are reliant on strong telecoms networks across the globe.  Having to repeatedly say “Sorry, I can’t hear you.” or “Can you say that again, the line has dropped.” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


Large enterprises and telecommunications service providers can optimize their customer experience and communication by proactively monitoring their phone numbers in-country.  They can find out if a number is failing to connect or experiencing audio quality issues before it impacts its customers. Not only at Christmas, but throughout the year, they can avoid a situation where their customers are network testers by reacting to a problem with a number(s) before it becomes a widespread problem.


So, on Christmas Day, customers can enjoy an uninterrupted phone call with their son in Austria or their daughter in New York who’s working in a contact center, book accommodation with Airbnb to visit them or contact Mastercard about their card while visiting them.  


The positive impact of in-country number testing globally for optimum customer experience is endless.  Enterprises and telecoms service providers, don’t let your customers’ phone conversations dampen their Christmas - give them the gift of seamless communication and connectivity.


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