Five fun facts about Saint Patrick's Day

It’s St Patrick’s Day here in Ireland on 17th of March.
On Saturday 16 March 2019 by Kees Hendrickx


Five fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day


It’s St Patrick’s Day here in Ireland on 17th of March. That’s the day when we all* get a day off (on Monday) to remember the patron saint of Ireland.


In celebration, and as we’re a proud Irish company, here are some fun facts about good ol’ St Paddy...

He wasn’t Irish. Yes, that’s right, he was actually a Brit (sshhh!), probably from Wales or Scotland. In fact, it’s thought that he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland by Irish raiders.

Spearline blue was his colour, not green. Kind of. The colour associated with St Patrick was always blue, but the colour green became associated with the Irish independence movement in the late 18th Century, and St Patrick’s Day (and Ireland) followed suit.

It’s not just for Ireland. Some other places go big on St Patrick’s Day. The tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat is the only other country to mark the day with a national holiday (they also hold an impressive week-long festival to celebrate).

A bowl of shamrock is easy to forget. Each year a crystal bowl of shamrock is presented to the US President on St Patrick’s Day. As rumour has it, that famously Irish American President, JFK, forgot on the day and his staff had to scramble around looking for a green tie for him to wear. In any case, apparently the Secret Service destroy the gift immediately as it’s classed a security risk.

The Irish invented submarines. OK, this one’s not about St Patrick’s Day, but we think it’s pretty cool - the first submarine to be commissioned by the US and Royal navies was invented by Irish engineer John Philip Holland. He thought up the idea while working as a teacher in Cork - the home of Spearline.


*All, apart from our testing support team, who work 24/7 - sorry guys!