Exciting developments happening in 2021

We are delighted to share with you some key product and market expansion developments that will be happing in 2021
On Tuesday 02 February 2021 by Caroline Leonard


We have a number of key developments happening in 2021 that we are excited to share with you:

  • Community Effect
  • Spearline Certification
  • Audio Analysis
  • Layered Reports
  • Market Expansion

Please read below to find out more.


Community Effect 

Every day, we conduct thousands of in-country test calls in over 70 countries worldwide. This in turn gives us a powerful dataset to identify which carriers are performing well, and which may be experiencing issues in a particular region at any point in time. 

Community Effect is a powerful new feature that will gather an abundance of call data spread across multiple Spearline customers, number types, carriers, locations, and countries. It will proactively alert your organization if your in-country toll or toll-free numbers share a fault identified by another member of the user community

If similar issues are confirmed to be affecting other Spearline customers, each customer will be proactively alerted along with a CDR (call detail record) of each failed test to help immediately resolve the issue.

Real world example:

Customer A and Customer B both have Spanish toll free numbers. We detect that Customer A’s number is not connecting and alert them to an issue. Community Effect will automatically test Customer B’s number to see if they too are experiencing the same issue and alert them if the issue is also affecting them.

In this example, Community Effect will also have the power to test neighboring countries such as France and Portugal where the affected carrier is offering services.


Spearline Certification

We know that you have excellent processes and procedures in place when monitoring and testing your numbers with us around the world.  We are delighted to announce that later this year, we will be giving you the opportunity to become certified in a particular country that you test numbers from.

Spearline Certification will enable you to:

  • Stand out from the crowd 
  • Improve your quality management
  • Assure your customers with an independent quality benchmark 
  • Endorse your call testing schedules with one simple process.

Benchmarks will need to be met against a number of test criteria for each country in order to be certified in that country. More details, including the test criteria that need to be met, will be shared with you in the coming months.


Audio Analysis 

Later this year, we will be introducing a new feature as part of our audio testing offering which will provide you with an in-depth analysis for a failed test, giving you an exact reason on what caused the failure. This will ultimately lead to a reduction in time spent troubleshooting a quality issue as you will be able to identify the exact root cause of the issue. More details including how to add this new feature will be shared with you in the coming months. 


Layered Reports

We’ve been working hard to create a flexible engine that will allow us to create reports quickly so that you can get the important data you need to make crucial decisions in your business.

Layered reports will contain:

  • Individualized commentary highlighting the unique issues and trends that are relevant to your business.
  • Country-by-country benchmarks on audio quality, connection rates and post-dial delay. This will allow you to compare and benchmark your telecoms infrastructure’s performance against others in your industry.
  • Key developments that are happening on the Spearline Platform.

Please contact your Customer Engagement Manager to discuss your individual reporting requirements.


Global Expansion 

Testing your numbers around the world needs global coverage, and we are getting closer to covering that scale. In 2020, we increased our global coverage by adding 32 new POPs (points of presence). These included:

  • 6 new fixed-line countries
  • 19 upgrades to existing services
  • 7 new mobile installations.

This all means we currently have coverage in 71 countries and we continue to expand our presence into new markets.

We have big plans for market expansion in 2021 including:

  • 40 new fixed-line installations which will include adding 11 new countries, bringing our total global coverage to 80 countries.
  • 37 new mobile installations, which will include adding 27 new countries, bringing our total mobile coverage to 60 countries.

Please take a look at our Coverage Map to see what countries we can currently test your numbers in across fixed-line and mobile networks. As always, if there is a particular country you need to test your numbers from, please let us know.


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