Customer Contact Expo

At this years Customer Contact Expo in London, Spearline were front and centre showcasing to the industry the...
On Tuesday 04 October 2016 by Julianne Whooley

At this years Customer Contact Expo in London Spearline were front and centre showcasing to the industry the latest technology to help tackle the challenges of the contact centre up time and issues with telephony across the globe.


From our 20 million tests conducted worldwide we see that 100% of contact centres experience number failures. Customer contact numbers are the lifeblood of any contact centre. If any number experiences issues customers can not reach the contact centre which results in increased costs, loss of productivity, reduced opportunity costs and disgruntled customers. In today's modern economy customers don't complain - they simply switch. The switching economy is estimated to be worth over $5.9bn globally.

We provide the assurance that our client’s customers can contact their sales and support teams 24/7/365 in each country whilst ensuring their numbers are operational, generating revenue/service and proactively providing a call quality confidence metric for our clients and their customers. We notify our clients of any break in their telecommunications chain in real time, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum and customers can contact their support teams at all times.

We are delighted to have met so many clients in London and look forward to welcoming a new batch of customers to the Spearline Global Number Testing Platform.


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