Connecting the world from rural Ireland

Since we founded Spearline in 2003, the company has changed and so too has the industry. It's an exciting time.
On Monday 16 December 2019 by Kevin Buckley

*This article was originally published in Connect, the Spearline magazine. Download your copy here.*


As I reflect on the company since I founded it in 2003 with my college friend and now business partner, Matthew Lawlor, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), not only has Spearline changed, but so too has the industry.  Both continue to evolve and grow at a rapid pace and it’s an exciting time.


Today, Spearline has a worldwide presence.  While our headquarters is located in rural Ireland - we also have offices in Waterford (Ireland), India and Romania - our footprint is global, and in more ways than one.  97% of our customers are US-based multinationals and we are regular exhibitors at events in North America and in Europe. As I write this, we have servers in 68 countries worldwide and this number is constantly increasing.  We are reaching over 89% of landlines and 88% GDP globally.  


We have been described as ahead of our time.  The product we developed - and continue to adapt - is in response to customer needs and a gap in the telecommunications industry for in-country number testing on a global level.  Testing phone numbers for connectivity and audio quality is not something you read or hear about every day. This doesn’t come without its challenges, which makes our milestones all the more momentous. 


In 2019, we relocated to three new offices; two in Ireland and one in India, and had the official openings of our headquarters in Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland and our global sales office in Waterford, Ireland.


We continue to expand our workforce, coverage and customer base, and innovation is at the heart of it all.