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There was a time when a conference call was merely a group of people gathered together in a room listening and speaking
On Monday 07 September 2015 by Matthew Lawlor

There was a time when a conference call was merely a group of people gathered together in a room listening (and speaking) on a loudspeaker (speakerphone) to one or more people in another room also on a speakerphone. That was it, no higher level of sophistication achievable.



Nowadays conferencing is an altogether more sophisticated concept with the advent, many years ago now, of the virtual conference room.  Here participants dial into a toll-free number from multiple countries, enter a unique passcode for their meeting and enter into a conversation or more frequently nowadays a video conference including the sharing of presentations, pictures, videos and screenshots. This increasing sophistication allows for an increase in user participation and hence allows for much greater productivity between geographically diverse workforces.


It’s virtually impossible to discuss any aspect of modern technology without very quickly having to mention the word “mobile”. The rapid development of mobile devices has made them the “must have” of the modern era because of their immense flexibility and processing power allowing the user unprecedented access to just about every program and app imaginable. In conferencing as in every other technological business conferencing is going mobile and it’s safe to say that everything which can be done from an office or a home laptop sooner or later will be done from a mobile device.


It’s safe to assume however, that one way or another the importance of voice is not going to diminish. By some estimates 75% of all international “telephone” calls are made over the internet. Anyone who has spoken to someone in another country will almost certainly have experienced at one time or another poor quality, dropped calls or intermittent connection. With the advent of fierce competition after the initial innovation of internet based calls quality is increasingly an issue which is differentiating between providers.


Our industry-leading platform enables users to check that a number is active and operational in-country, to measure the quality of the call using industry standard scores and to benchmark the results against millions of completed Spearline Labs tests.  From day one we have tested conference numbers using our own proDial Quality product to test activation of numbers, IVRs and audio quality. We are continuously expanding our global coverage and our Spearline Labs platform to help our customers build a detailed picture of their numbers performance.

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