Coasteering - a Sports and Social Club adventure

The latest Spearline Sports and Social Club outing took place recently as a mystery tour.
On Monday 20 June 2016

The latest Spearline Sports and Social Club outing, a mystery tour, took place recently. The day started with a delicious breakfast from our friends at An Chistin Beag in Skibbereen. Well fortified for the day ahead, the team boarded the bus to begin the mystery tour and headed west.

Our destination was the Eclipse Ireland Activity and Adventure Centre just outside Kenmare, County Kerry. The activity planned for us was the relatively little known adventure sport of Coasteering. This involves exploring a rocky coastline by a combination of climbing, jumping in the water and swimming. Upon arrival we were given information about the activity and kitted out in wet suits, flotation devices and helmets.

We then set off to explore the beautiful coastline of Kenmare Bay, in a way we could never have imagined. Coasteering is a very strenuous activity, as you are exploring relatively inaccessible parts of the coastline and all muscle groups get a good workout, clambering up rocks before launching yourself from a height feet first into the sea and swimming to the next place before climbing out and starting all over again.

It’s an activity not for the fainthearted as some of these jumps are up to 10 metres high, although as the day went on some of the braver members of the team began to climb higher and higher for greater thrills. For others who are not so enthusiastic about heights or indeed swimming, it was a matter of conquering fears and submitting to the challenge. In the end everyone got something out of the day and it was with a quiet sense of achievement and a few aching muscles that the group completed the activity and headed off for a BBQ and a few well earned drinks.

Coasteering is definitely one of the more strenuous and adventurous activities that our group have taken part in but also one of the most enjoyable and adrenaline fuelled. The Spearline social club highly recommend Coasteering, not only for a great day out, which would not have been achieved without Athos and his team at the activity centre but proved to be a great way to bond the team as everyone gave a helping hand throughout the intense day.