CEO update: COVID-19's impact on telecoms globally

At Spearline, we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on global telecommunications.
On Friday 17 July 2020 by Kevin Buckley

With confirmed Covid-19 cases now exceeding 13 million across the globe, Spearline continues to monitor its impact on global telecoms infrastructure.

Initially as people moved to a working from home model there were concerns that broadband and  telecoms networks would not be able to cope with the increased demand. However, evidence shows that both have risen to the challenge and are coping well.

CROATIA was affected by failure rates of 14.07% & 9.33% on June 30th & July 13th respectively. However, perfect scores were observed for five consecutive days between July 3rd to 7th. Audio quality scores have been intermittent in the past three weeks.



The average failure rate in ECUADOR in the past three weeks was 0.71%. Low audio scores have also been recorded in recent days.



BRAZIL had an average connection failure rate of 1.05% in the past three weeks. A significant drop of 7.06% was observed on July 8th. Audio quality performing at good levels.



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Connection rates in ISRAEL have been volatile, with an average failure rate of 2.03% noted in the past three weeks. Audio quality scores are performing well.



Countries showing signs of connection failures and audio quality degradation are included in the table below. Countries whose telecoms infrastructure has been performing extremely well in spite of having very high numbers of Covid-19 cases are also included.

* Data as of July 13th 2020



Spearline’s business continuity plans are supporting our operations well and we continue to monitor your phone lines, and test your numbers.

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