CEO update: COVID-19's impact on telecoms

At Spearline, we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on global telecommunications.
On Friday 24 April 2020 by Kevin Buckley

Spearline continues to observe the impact of Covid-19 on telecoms infrastructure around the world. The number of cases globally has now exceeded 2.5 million. As well as increased demand and strain on telecommunication infrastructure, network providers are further affected by restrictions which limit access to key sites for maintenance work, along with the movement of personnel and equipment. This has led to variable network performance in many areas.

Brazil is continuing to struggle with poor connection and audio quality issues. Denmark is still experiencing connection problems, but has seen improvements in the country’s audio quality continue. Despite their high case counts and the resultant strain on their telecom infrastructure, the UK and the USA continue to perform strongly.

The reported case total in BRAZIL now stands at over 40,000, which is the highest number in any Latin America country; however many believe that the true number of cases far exceeds this. Brazil has taken a state-by-state approach to lockdown measures and this has led to some unrest within the country. Poor connection performance has continued to be an issue, with average failure-rates exceeding 2% in the past week. Audio quality continues to struggle, although recovery has been noted since a depression at the start of April.



The UK government stated in early April that the telecommunications sector was a critical sector in the response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The strong connection performance rates experienced in the UK may be attributable to this. Failures rates have averaged a mere 0.05% in the past week.



The total number of confirmed cases in the USA is more than three times that of any other country. However, in spite of this connection rates have remained remarkably strong with continued stable audio quality.



DENMARK has faced a degraded connection performance since the middle of March and this has continued with failure rates exceeding 3% on April 16th. Quality continues to recover from a late-March drop of 30% from its peak.



Countries showing signs of connection failures and audio quality degradation are included in the table below.

* Data as of 21 April 2020



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