CEO update: COVID-19's impact on telecommunications

At Spearline, we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on global telecommunications.
On Friday 15 May 2020 by Kevin Buckley

Spearline continues to observe the impact of Covid-19 on telecoms infrastructure around the world. With the peak of the pandemic behind us, countries are now beginning to cautiously reopen their economies. From today, these communications will become a biweekly update.

Uruguay and Israel have suffered from variability with connection rates. India’s audio quality is performing at a lower level than previously.

ISRAEL continues to experience variability with connection rates. Failures of 5.26% were recorded on May 7th. Despite some variability, audio quality remained very strong.



URUGUAY suffered from low connection rates in the past week. Failure rates of 6.15%, 5.8% and 3.85% were experienced on May 7th, 8th and 11th respectively. The audio quality during this period can be described only as fair.



On May 6th, INDIA suffered from connection failure rates in excess of 2.5%, with a weekly average failure rate of 0.66%. The country’s audio quality is also performing at a lower level than earlier in the year.



Countries showing signs of connection failures and audio quality degradation in the past week are included in the table below. Please note, the information in this table is derived from the collective testing experience of Spearline's user community.


* Data as of May 11th 2020


Spearline would like to take this opportunity to reassure all our customers that we have business continuity plans in place which will ensure that we continue to successfully monitor your phone lines and test your numbers.

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