CEO update: COVID-19's impact on telecommunications globally

At Spearline, we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on global telecommunications.
On Friday 26 June 2020 by Kevin Buckley

With confirmed Covid-19 cases now exceeding 9.3 million across the globe, we at Spearline continue to monitor its toll on global telecoms infrastructure.

As the global economy slowly begins to make its way out of the pandemic, we have decided that our next update will be in three weeks' time. If further stability is evident, we may look to extend that time-frame further.

Variable connection rate performance has been observed over the past week in CROATIA, with failures of 6.67% and 5.93% noted on June 18th and June 21st respectively. Audio quality has remained stable, with good scores being recorded.



Despite beginning to lift its restrictions, RUSSIA has risen to third in the global ranking of cases and the virus remains very active in a number of problem regions. While the telecoms infrastructure appears to be strained, it continues to cope adequately.



With 4% of the world’s global population, the UNITED STATES now has 25% of the world’s Coronavirus cases, along with great variations at state level of how to approach the country’s economic restart. However, the telecoms infrastructure continues to perform remarkably well under the circumstances.



ITALY was once the dramatic epicenter of the virus and the initial European lockdown zone, but on June 3rd it removed restrictions on movement between regions and has now reopened its borders to European travelers. Italy’s telecoms infrastructure is performing well.



The PHILIPPINES is a major contact center and BPO (business process outsourcing) hub supporting many global brands. The country’s telecommunications infrastructure is performing very well - which bodes well for the global economy.



Countries showing signs of connection failures and audio quality degradation are included in the table below.

* Data as of 22 June 2020



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Spearline’s business continuity plans are supporting our operations well and we continue to monitor your phone lines, and test your numbers.

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