CEO update: COVID-19's impact on global telecommunications

At Spearline, we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on global telecommunications.
On Friday 17 April 2020 by Kevin Buckley


Spearline continues to observe the impact of Covid-19 on telecoms infrastructure across the globe. An excess of two million cases have been confirmed across the globe and these along with increased work-from-home and travel restrictions have led to increased demands on local networks and surges in demand causing capacity issues.

Brazil and Denmark appear to be facing significant challenges in regard to their telecom infrastructure, while the USA and Spain have remained relatively stable, despite the high volume of cases being experienced in each country.

It is believed that the pandemic data collection and accuracy within BRAZIL may be flawed, Reuters report that Brazil is likely to have 12 times more cases than official data reflects, due to low volumes of testing and lengthy waiting periods for results. In terms of its telecoms network, a drastic 25% failure rate for call connections was experienced on April 7th; issues have continued in the following days. Additionally, audio quality continues to struggle, although some recovery has been noted since a depression in early April.



DENMARK is now making a cautious attempt to restart its economy, with the reopening of primary schools and creches. However, call connection rates remain concerning, with degraded levels of performance continuing to be a consistent problem since the middle of March. In the month of April thus far, connection failure rates are approaching 2%. Audio quality is continuing to  struggle, although some recovery has been experienced since a drop of 30% in late-March from its peak performance.



The UNITED STATES continues to stand out due to an immense volume of reported cases and for its large percentage of the global caseload. However, when examined in terms of cases per 1 million, the US is actually much further down the table of affected countries. Nonetheless, hotspots such as New York, Louisiana and others do stand out. In the face of rapidly changing and evolving demands, call connection rates have remained strong and audio quality remains stable, furthermore, in the past week it has experienced some upward movement.



SPAIN has started to ease lockdown restrictions in the country. Their telecoms network is performing impressively, considering the vast challenges and pressure it is facing. The average call connection failure rate for the past week has been less than 0.05% and measured audio quality is performing remarkably well.



Countries showing signs of connection failures and audio quality degradation are included in the table below.

* Data as of 14 April 2020

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