An Ode to Those who Code

Why we are full of love for our developers here at Spearline!
On Friday 10 February 2017 by Kevin Buckley

When it comes to matters of the heart, few people consider programmers or developers to be romantic types. How often have we heard the term "geek" or "nerd" applied unfairly to these heroes/heroines of the information age? If you think about it, this is a deeply unfair and narrow-minded way of considering a much maligned group of people.


For instance you only have to reflect on the nature of the much loved child’s romantic game played by picking petals from a daisy while reciting the phrase “He/she loves me. He/she loves me not.” Clearly this most romantic and widely played game was invented by a programmer well versed in binary gate logic?

George Boole, a Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork, is credited as the father of modern day computing. He believed that logical propositions could be expressed by means of algebraic equations. This led to a new branch of mathematics called Boolean algebra which, in the 20th century, became the basis of digital circuit design for the computer age. Boole was clearly a romantic man having had, with his wife Mary, five daughters in 8 years between 1856 and 1864.

Software developers and programmers are responsible for all of the world’s dating websites and apps, which use complex database management programs to match people. Their skill in helping manage billions of bits of information in the pursuit of love, not for themselves but for all of us, means they are amongst the greatest romantics of all time. 

They keep romance alive by building apps for messaging and photo sharing, they remind us of birthdays and anniversaries, help us send virtual Valentine cards, share music we love and help us talk face to face when we are far apart.

These heroes and heroines ensure that we express our love, buy those flowers and chocolates and book those surprise romantic getaways so that love continues to flourish not only on Valentine’s Day but on every other day of the year.

We salute you programmers and developers; you are the most romantic people in the world. You deserve Saint Valentine as your patron saint.


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