Amazon brings Contact Centres to the Cloud

Our CTO Matt Lawlor talks about the positive effect of Amazon Connect for the telecoms industry.
On Wednesday 12 April 2017 by Orla Cahalane

Last week at Enterprise Connect, Amazon released Connect, a contact centre as a service offering hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

The contact center is the front-line for a company’s most important asset – its customer relationships. But, traditional contact center solutions are complicated and expensive. Companies often have to invest in complex, proprietary hardware and software systems that can take months or even years to deploy. Amazon Connect allows customers to setup a “Virtual Contact Center” in minutes.

Amazon Connect is a completely cloud-based contact centre platform. It leverages the same technology used by’s own customer service system to route and manage calls using automatic speech recognition and artificial intelligence. It can accept incoming and make outgoing calls, including optional toll-free numbers. The service incorporates its Lex technology, an artificial intelligence service for speech recognition and natural language processing, which also powers the company’s Alexa virtual assistant.

At Spearline, we have always advocated the positive impacts of delivering better audio quality to customers. We measure and benchmark audio quality in each country using the independent ITU standard, PESQ. Making audio quality a key component of decision making when selecting the routes or infrastructure companies use and not just cost is vital in delivering an excellent customer experience.

“With Amazon providing 16Khz audio it is an obvious statement that they are intent on delivering the best audio experience for their customers. While it is early days for Amazon Connect it is a positive step from a company who have the ability to drive these standards” Spearline CTO, Matt Lawlor

Communications software companies such as Bandwith are already seeing success with Amazon Connect. “Amazon Connect helps us streamline operations and drive workforce efficiency to the next level,” said Ryan Henley, Vice President of Customer Success, Bandwidth.

We’re looking forward to seeing more developments in this space!

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