Ahmedabad to Skibbereen!

Read about our developer Satish's journey to Spearline from India
On Friday 21 April 2017

I was offered a job as an Asterisk developer with Spearline in Skibbereen, Ireland. Skibbereen, fondly known as a Skibb, is a small and beautiful town in County Cork and is the most southerly town in Ireland. 

This was an important decision for me and my family. Moving from the country where you were born (Ahmedabad, India) with an extended population of 6.5 million, to a country you know very little about with a total population of 5 million, from a place with a hot, semi-arid climate to a place with plentiful rainfall and mild, moist climate, certainly requires courage and mental strength. My family and I are lacto vegetarian and nonalcoholic and so a few of my friends also warned me against some of the issues I might face in a new country (which I later realized was just a false alarm!).

Finally, I said yes and Spearline processed a Greencard for me. I reached Cork from Ahmedabad via Delhi and Paris. Matthew Lawlor (CTO at Spearline) was at Cork airport to receive me and he welcomed me with a smile and warm feelings to Ireland. We left in his car for Skibb which is about 85km from Cork Airport. Seeing a part of a country with lots of greenery and small cliffs around on our way to destination established a great first impression on me about Ireland. Looking at surroundings, I felt Ireland is one of the most perfect and peaceful places to spend holidays with your family.

Matthew took me to our office in Skibbereen and introduced me to my new colleaugues. I soon found that my staff members are very co-operative and it wouldn’t be much difficult for me to settle myself in a new environment. After spending a week in the West Cork Hotel, I moved to Annie May’s B&B. Mrs. Angela of Annie May’s was very cordial to me and I loved talking to her during my morning breakfasts. I even can’t forget a taste of delicious vegetable curry she prepared for my dinner. Matthew and Kevin Buckley (CEO at Spearline) helped me find an apartment to rent which was within walking distance from my office. My landlord John Connolly and his wife Mary are of very kind nature and they made sure I had everything in my apartment which someone new to a place would need. Every day, I would talk to my family members back home in India who were a bit worried for me about my food. Luckily, I had learned to cook a few items when I was in India and that helped me survive first couple of months without proper homemade food. My wife and a little son joined me soon and they too liked the place very much and settled down without much fuss.

'West Cork Food Festival' week gave us an opportunity to serve Indian tea to my staff members in office and we really enjoyed an occasion watching them taste our own taste of India

Living abroad is an enriching experience because it forces you to adapt to things that are unfamiliar and unusual to you. Being able to adjust to your new environment and culture is probably one of the most crucial aspects of your experience abroad and I think now we have done it and we enjoy our daily moments. I consider myself lucky to be associated with Spearline, one of the best companies to work for and that too in Ireland, one of the most beautiful countries to live in. My stay in this country may be temporary or it may be for a good few years or it may be forever, but one thing that is guaranteed is that I will cherish these moments when I will look back over my life.


अनिर्वेदं च दाक्ष्यं च मनसश्चापराजयं कार्य्सिद्धिकराण्याहु

Not getting dejected or depressed, skillful in doing one’s job and not losing heart in the face of difficulties – these are the qualities which enable one to achieve one’s goals.​