A new dawn - educating, innovating and connecting telecoms

What we do here at Spearline is not commonplace so we educate the telecoms industry while we continue to innovate.
On Monday 23 December 2019 by Matthew Lawlor

*This article was originally published in Connect, the Spearline magazine. Download your copy here.*


What we do here at Spearline is not commonplace.  Because we introduced new software to the market, we educate the telecommunications industry while we continue to innovate.  


Our innovation

The Spearline Platform currently has the capability to run thousands of tests per day.  We have a roadmap to expand this capacity fivefold. We continue to adapt the Platform and our products. As marketplace awareness grows, there is an increasing demand for our products. We are the market leader in global telecoms audio analysis and quality measuring and continue to invest in our Platform to give greater insights into carrier performance.


Customer and coverage growth 

We continue to grow our products and coverage in response to international customer requirements.  At the time of writing, we have coverage in 68 countries, which translates to 89% of landlines worldwide.  Spearline measures connection rates and audio quality on lines which conduct billions of minutes of traffic per year.


Global offices

Our headquarters is in Skibbereen, Co Cork (Ireland) and we currently have offices in Waterford (Ireland), India and Romania.  As our customers are multinationals, we operate a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year support service. By having offices in Ireland, India and Romania, we can cover all time zones and provide round the clock support that’s needed in an industry where issues are time sensitive.  Our customers are in financial, pharmaceutical, travel and retail industries and they need to resolve any telecoms issues before they filter through to their customers. 


Team expansion

In 2003, we started with a team of two; by the end of 2020, we’ll have 150.  


As we continue to educate and innovate, we grow our customers, coverage, offices and team.  We connect people by improving the quality of communications around the world.