Testing Our Wellness

Spearline is beginning a wellness program for 2016!
On Wednesday 24 February 2016

Spearline are currently implementing a Wellness Programme throughout their work environment which is designed to improve the physical and mental health of all their employees.


Spearline aims to establish an innovative, fun, engaging and effective health programme within their work environment which will aid and enhance the daily behavioural habits of their employees. Recent research has indicated that an increase in individual employees health would result in more focused, efficient and energetic performances which is mutually beneficial and productive for both the employers and employees.

Since the turn of the new year, Spearline has established a series of proactive health initiatives specifically designed to increase their employees health awareness. Amongst the measures implemented recently were the formation of a walking club which strives to walk a total distance of 4km once a week during their lunch break. Walking is a great hobby to pursue as it improves circulation, supports your joints and can help lead to weight loss. Another recent initiative was the arrangement with a local shop to deliver a substantial amount of fresh fruit on a weekly basis for their employees. Fruit is renowned for being nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, low in calories and reduces the risk for a stroke.

Spearline also organised for an occupational health screening for each individual employee which took place in the workplace recently. This process involved carrying out detailed measurements on the body composition and blood pressure of each employee which aims to evaluate any potential health risks. Following the process, an informal meeting with the consultant doctor took place where the medical practitioner gave recommendations and advice to each individual employee based on their medical results from the health screening.

Rob Williams, a renowned strength and conditioning coach with great experience in helping individuals develop decent human movement in conjunction with Kaizen Performance recently performed his office mobility workshop in the Spearline offices. He advised employees on developing new techniques designed to increase their mobility, while he also gave detailed training plans to each employee which they can integrate into their daily routine.

Mondays, at Spearline, now include an afternoon yoga session to all who are interested. Employees are able to stretch their bodies after a long weekend and strengethen their muscles for the week. It is also a great way to refresh your mind and soul for the upcoming days ahead. Every week will be more challenging than the next, implementing the purpose of this programme, which is constant growth. 

Spearline has recently finished the construction of their fully equipped gym/mobility room in their work offices for their employees to use when required. The gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is great incentive for the employees to workout durring or right after work. 

In the foreseeable future Spearline will conduct more exercise classes in their new gym/mobility room, while they also begin to arrange for specialist guest speakers to come in and impart their knowledge on health related topics to their employees.

Spearline are confident that the successful implementation of their Wellness Programme will help foster a positive and healthy culture within their work environment. This in turn will lead to a dynamic work environment with increased productivity levels which is a win win situation for all.