Pushing My Limits

My second blog post is a summery of my first month here!
On Friday 02 October 2015

My first month is coming to a close and it has gone by, already, too quick. It has been filled with the loving spirit of the people of Spearline and meeting all of their friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of their family. It has been an exciting month of rowing with Laura and late nights with Eimear and her beautiful singing voice. The adrenaline of the first weekend has lasted throughout the month.


This weekend I ventured up to the top of Lough Hyne and saw all of Ireland, or at least a lot of West Cork. From the beauty of the water to the movement of the cattle, it was so clear in front of me. The peace that came with it can not described, but only experienced. As I absorbed the beauty before me, I decided it was not going to be enough to simply be in Ireland but I had to immerse myself into the culture, which is being done quite easily by all of the friendly hearts and charming accents.


Working for a company like Spearline, I realized that I must not just do what is asked of me but search for new possibilities where I can challenge myself. This fast, growing company is always pushing the limits of what they know and raising the bar of performance, and that is what I would also like to accomplish.


So while I am here, I hope to push the limits of what I thought I knew and experience everything that Ireland has to offer. I believe it is the situations that scare us the most that have the most influence, so I won’t overlook fear but instead embrace it and see what happens next…