Meet the interns

Spearline welcomes it's first intern - Jessi! Read her post in the first of the "Meet the Interns” series…
On Tuesday 08 September 2015

Finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Alabama, I knew immediately that I wanted to further push my comfort zone. This meant not only leaving my home in Chicago, but also leaving my country. I had a desire in my heart for Ireland and then I came across an online ad for a design internship with Spearline. The position was perfect and I, thankfully, made it through the interview process. My wish was coming true, with only a month to prepare, but I knew without a doubt that this is what I was suppose to do.

As I began to prepare myself for this incredible opportunity, I had many different thoughts and emotions as to what it would be like - What I would experience and who I would meet. While my excitement outweighed my fears, I blindly boarded the plane with a racing mind and high hopes as to what was coming next for me.

As I end my first weekend in Ireland, I have to say it is surreal. From my clumsy entrance in to beautiful Cork to the warm welcome of quaint Skibbereen, I already feel at home. My adventurous need was filled as we kayaked through the Atlantic Ocean. With the bio luminescence around us and the clear view of the Milky Way above, I realized I was in a different world. A world that I was not accustomed to but somehow already felt perfectly a part of.

The hospitable reputation of the Irish is an understatement as I have never felt so welcomed. From dinner with girls to pub food with the company, my first night in Ireland was a crack and I could not be more excited to start my work on Monday.

If I have sparked your interest half as much as this lovely country has mine you can follow my blog to hear more about my journey.