First National Digital Week

My experience of the first ever National Digital Week held in Skibbereen.
On Tuesday 17 November 2015 by Fiona Dixon

Everyone asks me why I decided to come from a big city like Chicago to the small town of Skibbereen. While I typically lack decision-making skills, as Eimear could clarify, this time was different. It wasn’t much of a process, but more of a reaction. I knew that it was the perfect position, company and place for me to be apart of. While, yes, it was a culture adjustment it has also given me opportunities beyond what I could imagine experiencing in the states.


We recently had the first National Digital in Skibbereen. To be more clear, 75 inspiring people from around the world came to this quaint town to motivate and push everyone in the audience to go and try something new, something different. We should take a risk and keep the fears of failure and doubt silenced. Going to the majority of the speakers I learned a significant amount about digital marketing and the courage it takes to start a venture of your own. However the true wisdom came from the personal conversations with the professionals. Digital Week was not only for informing but connecting these great leaders to people who need mentors and give them opportunities for their questions to be answered.

This massive event brought such excitement to all the people, which resulted in the conference trending on Twitter over the Web Summit in Dublin. Although my BILLION –DOLLAR idea, according to Google, was stolen and I had to sit there and listen as my dreams were crushed, with Colman shaking from laughter beside me, it was still a brilliant week filled with inspiration.

Ingrid Vanderveldt said, “The best way to get what you want, is to give others what they want.” It was a lovely way to show how to be successful by still keeping community. When you come to Skibbereen, or when I came to Skibbereen, I experienced such community as if I had grown up here. Digital Week was executed perfectly by a few people working tirelessly to create an event for the rest of the town and that is a perfect illustration of true community.

“Be uncomfortably excited,” were the wise words of Ronan Harris. This was one of the last speeches of the event. The last chance to convey to everyone that it is what scares us that drive us. I love the anticipation of the unknown. Going on a new journey to test your abilities and discover what you are capable of by pushing yourself completely.

I came to Ireland push out of my comfort zone, but as I go into my third month here, I have grown quite comfortable in this beautiful place. So I must find my next challenge, my next billion-dollar idea…