6 Reasons we're excited...

6 things we are proud of on our new Spearline website!
On Friday 12 September 2014 by Julianne Whooley

After a 4 month labour of love the new look Spearline.com is finally here. With hundreds of visits per month, our site plays a significant role in our relationship with our customers. Aside from a fresh new look, the website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout.

Here are 6 things we are proud of:

1: Spearline Social
Packed with videos, news, and stories that will be constantly updated, Spearline Social will help make the company’s extensive resources more attractive and accessible to a global audience.

2: Live test Counter
At Spearline we like to engage with our customers. That is why we have added a live feed test counter to show you how as a company we are always on the move. It took us two years to reach one million tests and less than another year to reach two million tests. With the 3,000,000 milestone now within sight it’s a very exciting time for the company.

3: Meet the Team
Go behind the scenes here at Spearline  and meet the folks that work here. Find out who’s got a tea addiction and who’s planning another marathon...

4: Our Blog
If there’s something getting us excited in the office you’ll most likely read about it here! Featuring articles from different departments, the blog will raise awareness of the people and personalities behind the company.  

5: Case studies
From a marketing perspective our new site enables Spearline to lead the way in how we communicate with our customers, through regular updates and inspiring case studies that demonstrate our expertise across many industry sectors.

6: Coverage Map
Then there’s the ability to view our global coverage. With a local presence in six continents, over forty countries and fifteen different time zones, our solutions give you the visibility you need to proactively monitor your toll and toll free numbers performance and gives you access to some of the most far flung countries in the world.