5 Trends in Contact Centres

Spearline looks at current trends in the contact centre industry and where things may be headed in the future...
On Thursday 11 December 2014 by Kevin Buckley

At Spearline, many of our customers are contact centres all around the world, used for customer service, sales and product information. We thought we’d take a look at current trends in the contact centre industry and predict where things may be headed.


1: The cloud is coming your way

Probably the single biggest buzzword across many industries is the “cloud”. Most contact centres have either moved all or part of their data storage to the cloud or have plans to do so. Cost was the initial primary reason for the move to virtual storage but the cloud has become much more than a warehouse for information. Now it’s used for scalability and flexibility in deployment of extra resources to the contact centres themselves through the use of “remote seats”.

2: The Metrics

Surprisingly, in a 2013 white paper, Inova Solutions found that only 43% of call centres had a high level of understanding of KPIs. We’ve been hearing about First Call Resolution, Abandonment Rates, Average Call Time and cost Per Call for years but more and more call centres are learning that measurement is the only way to improve. We suspect that the growth in services, like audio quality testing on worldwide toll and toll-free numbers, provided by companies such as Spearline will only serve to bolster the effort to understand some of the drivers of those crucial KPIs.

3: Going Mobile

As with everything else, mobile is the Godzilla of all internet based processes. The use of mobile internet is increasing at such a rate that companies are now designing all their processes to suit the mobile user. That means mobile apps combined with call-back and web-chat processes give consumers on the move a full customer service experience. VoIP and the quality of VoIP as part of this experience will be still a major part of the process and we predict audio quality will be a major deliverable as part of this growth.

4: Big Data is watching you

With ever larger amounts of data to cope with from surveys, social media, speech analytics, web analytics etc. companies are in danger of being overwhelmed by the amount of data they have on their customers’ needs and behaviours. Trying to understand what the data is telling us and incorporating it into our CRM is one of the biggest tasks facing marketers right now.

5: All of the time, everywhere

The larger contact centres are already deep into the multi-channel customer service business. Think about it… social media, call centre, forums, help videos, web chat, virtual assistance on every device day or night all year round. Switching effortlessly between one channel and another and guiding the customer to the most effective resolution in the quickest possible time. Easy huh? That’s where we are at in 2014. That’s the standard to aim for.

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