2019 product roadmap

We have a number of key developments happening in 2019 that we’re excited to share with you!
On Wednesday 09 January 2019 by Caroline Leonard

Happy new year!

We have a number of key developments happening in 2019 that we’re excited to share with you:

  • Spearline Management Reports
  • UI Redesign
  • 'Patrick' AI connection
  • 'Patrick' AI audio
  • Manual Testing App
  • SMS Testing 

Read below to find out more...


Stay informed

Management reports

We are pleased to announce that from Q1 2019, we will be issuing our customers with monthly management reports. 

We’ve been working hard on creating a flexible engine to allow us to create reports quickly so that you can get the important data you need to make crucial decisions in your business. 

We have designed powerful presentation templates which will be available in email and PDF format.

Reports will contain:

  • Individualised commentary highlighting the unique issues and trends that are relevant to your business.
  • Country-by-country benchmarks on audio quality, connection rates and post-dial delay. This will allow you to compare and benchmark your telecoms infrastructure’s performance against others in your industry.

You decide on the frequency of the reports.

If you are a Spearline customer, contact your Customer Engagement Manager to discuss your individual requirements for your new management reports. If you’re new to Spearline please contact us.


You asked, we listened!

UI Redesign

Based on customer feedback, we have started work on making some improvements to the Spearline platform which you will all benefit from.

From September 2019, a new user interface will be available to our customers who will see the following developments: 

  • A more intuitive design.
  • A visually more appealing user interface which is compatible on a wide range of devices - laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Overall improved performance.


Tell us what you think of Spearline!

To help us understand your requirements, we’d like to ask you a few questions about your experience with Spearline so far. The survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete and your answers will help us make your experience with Spearline even better.


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Q2 2019

‘Patrick’ AI - Connection

Every day, we conduct close to 100,000 in-country test calls across our enterprise, conference and carrier customers in over 60 countries. This gives us a powerful dataset which allows us to see if specific carriers are having issues in a region at any point in time. 

‘Patrick’ AI will make use of this data and put it to work for you. It will create a community effect among our customers so if we detect an issue for one of our customers, your number will be automatically tested if it has a similar carrier and route.


Real world example:

Customer A and Customer B both have toll free numbers provided by a carrier based in Spain. We detect that Customer A’s number is not connecting and alert them to an issue. ‘Patrick’ AI will automatically test Customer B’s number to see if they too are experiencing the same issue and alert them if the issue is also affecting them.

In this example, ‘Patrick’ AI will also have the power to test neighbouring countries such as France and Portugal where the affected carrier is offering services.

Q4 2019

'Patrick’ AI - Audio

While knowing if your numbers are up or down is your primary concern, audio quality also plays a key role in your customers having a positive experience on any call. ITU standards such as PESQ and POLQA do an excellent job at grading audio quality but do not break down what individual audio aspects were not performing.

By using our current dataset, ‘Patrick’ AI will complement PESQ & POLQA scores by offering insights into why the score has dropped. This will include:

  • Transcoding on individual calls allowing you to flag with your carrier on an individual call basis
  • Loss in sharpness of the audio
  • Loss in volume 
  • Clipping or missing audio frames
  • Test live audio streams 


Manual testing app

Based on your feedback, we will be launching a brand new on-demand app in late 2019 to cap off a great year! This new app will allow you to test numbers on the Spearline platform directly from your tablet or mobile device.



SMS testing

From Q3 2019 you will be able to test the sending & receiving of SMS messages from our in-country servers around the world.




Contact Us

If you're a Spearline customer, and if there’s anything you’d like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Customer Engagement Manager. Email support@spearline.com or call us on +353 (0)28 51460.

If you're new to Spearline and are interested in benefiting from our platform, we'd love to hear from you! Please send us a brief message and we will reply to you shortly.