New! Introducing our enhanced reporting engine…equipping you with even more intelligence

We are pleased to announce that from April 2019, we will be giving our customers access to a new and enhanced reporting generator.  

We have been working hard on creating a flexible engine to allow us to create reports quickly so that you can get the important data you need to make crucial decisions in your business. 

We have designed powerful intelligent reports which will be available in email and PDF format.


Reports will contain:

Individualised commentary highlighting the unique issues and trends that are relevant to your business.

Country-by-country benchmarks on audio quality, connection rates and post-dial delay. Allowing you to compare and benchmark your telecoms infrastructure’s performance against others in your industry.


Benefits of our management reports:

Troubleshoot issues with your carriers.

Our reports will provide you with robust data to force changes with your carriers in advance of a customer flagging that there is an issue.

Transcoding visibility. 

Will now be available on your dashboard. Where transcoding has happened, your telecoms team has no visibility of this. Even if they suspect transcoding may be happening, it can be difficult to pinpoint and address with your suppliers.

Our new management reports will provide you with detailed analysis if and where transcoding is taking place This will allow you to go straight to your carrier to rectify as quickly as possible before any issues  become large customer-impacting problems.

Increased buying power. 

Our management reports will include carrier performance data measured against country-by-country benchmarks. This will allow you to be more informed when choosing a carrier to work with in your chosen country. 


Find out more 

If you are a Spearline customer please contact your dedicated customer engagement manager to discuss your individual requirements for your new management reports. Email or call us on +353 28 51460.

If you are new to Spearline and are interested in benefiting from our platform, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a brief message and we will reply to you shortly.

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