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Customers don’t like waiting on hold, being directed to the wrong line or getting cut off. With IVR systems in place, it can be hard to know if your customers are experiencing these problems.

However, with the use of Spearline’s IVR Tester, individuals may map a full IVR system automatically. This ensures the audio prompts playing at each stage of a call flow are playing correctly and utilizing the desired audio. Thus, ensuring your customers don’t experience any issues.

This blog outlines Spearline’s IVR testing solutions. These IVR tools include interactive dashboard, IVR mapping, IVR transcription, audio capture, global coverage and scheduled testing.

What happens when a customer attempts to contact you but is unsuccessful?

The customer could be routed to the wrong department or they could be provided with outdated options. They could also be forced to disconnect prematurely along with several other issues. 

If one of these problems did occur, it could result in your brand reputation being damaged. 

A solution built for the IVR Testing applications.

Spearline can provide you with a range of IVR testing solutions to prevent any issues from arising.

IVR Mapping

The IVR mapping capability crawls through each potential route of an IVR system. This is in order to give a complete map of all potential journeys and endpoints.

IVR Transcription

IVR transcription feature automatically dials and transcribes all audio heard as it travels along each possible journey on an IVR system. This allows the problem to be repaired before it has an impact on the customer.

Audio Capture

Audio Capture provides links to all audio heard at each node of the IVR. This is presented in a complete map illustrating at which point of the IVR each audio prompt was present.

Global Coverage

Spearline’s comprehensive in- country infrastructure assures the correct IVR options as well as the correct localisation messages are being presented and received by the customer from an auto attendant. 

Scheduled Testing

Scheduled testing allows tests to run to ensure everything is working as it should. These tests can run inside or outside of working hours.

Interactive Dashboard

A map of each IVR and all possible journeys through an IVR system provided on a visual dashboard.

Learn more about our IVR testing tool here.


Using Spearline’s IVR testing solutions will enable your company to:

  1. Resolve issues
  2. Optimise your IVR systems
  3. Save time
  4. Access global coverage
  5. Protect your brand reputation
  6. Prevent IVR issues

Interested in Spearline’s IVR Tester?

If you are an existing Spearline customer and would like to find out more about our new IVR testing solutions and how they can benefit your organization, please get in contact with your Customer Engagement Manager. Alternatively, please email or call +353 258 51460.
If you are new to Spearline please get in touch with us to find out more and to arrange a demo. We would love to hear from you! 

About us

Spearline is a technology company that proactively tests toll, toll-free and premium-rate numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. Our latest WebRTC products offer testing, monitoring and support for web-based communications. We work across business sectors, supporting contact centers, conferencing services, and more to successfully connect with their customers and employees.

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