Mindfulness and Mental Well Being in the Workplace


Keeping your employees motivated is an aspect of business that should not be overlooked. Over the course of this Covid-19 pandemic, it can be easy to lose focus and not look after oneself. Thankfully, businesses have become more mindful and supportive of their employees, and customers, no matter how far away they may be.

To be a better leader and support your team of employees, an action plan for stress management is needed. Teaching your team about the dangers of overworking and excess stress are imperative to keeping your team happy and healthy; as well as ensuring your business or contact center runs  more smoothly. It’s important to stay connected now more than ever.  

This is where mindfulness comes in.  

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being intensely focused on the present moment. It’s about tuning out the distracting noise and zooming in on what you’re thinking and feeling ‘in the moment’.

Mindfulness reduces stress, improves memory and focus, reduces emotional reactivity, increases mental processing capabilities, and increases immune system function. That all piles up to more clarity for your employees while they’re on the clock. Plus, a laser focus on achieving their goals and helping customers.

If we promote information about issues such as mental illness, we can encourage discussion and this is the first step to finding solutions, lowering absence, and, more importantly, supporting advisors to lead a better quality of life. On October 10th, Spearline, along with the majority of businesses around the world, celebrated World Mental Health Day. While it was excellent that so many businesses banded together and looked after one another, mindfulness should still be a key focus to avoid problems like burnout and agent attrition which directly leads to customer churn.

Below are a number of useful tips in helping improve mental wellbeing while teleworking:  

  4 Top Tips 

  1. Take Part In Online Exercise Classes 

  2. Get Fresh Air

  3. Engage In More Video Catch-ups With Colleagues 

  4. Maintain a Routine  


1.  Take Part In Online Exercise Classes

There are an abundance of free online exercise classes and personal trainers who are posting videos online for us to do from the comfort of our homes. These range from easy, beginner to hardcore, full body work out. You can speak with your HR team or what social groups that your organization may, try to make it a fun team activity to do at lunchtime (and be sure to join in on the fun, your employees will always be more inclined to take part if you do!) Some suggest that you use items from around your house and incorporate these into your workout. There are also plenty that use only your body weight for training. Such activities are important to release endorphins and create a general feeling of accomplishment and happiness. 

Activity trackers can also be useful devices for anybody looking to get active. You will be able to know more about your movements throughout the day, your heart rate, and sleep pattern. It can give you something to focus on and make sure your health is a priority. However, be mindful of how your network could become strained (especially if you are working from home with kids) so make sure there aren’t too many devices connected while you take part in these classes. You wouldn’t want to be getting confused at how many sit-ups you should be doing from problems like latency or packet loss interrupting your routine!

2. Get Fresh Air

Irrespective of where you live, everyone should try to get outside each day in order to get some fresh air. If you are lucky to have a garden, get outdoors, do some stretches and maybe even do a workout outside. Get into a routine of going for a small walk during your lunch break or ‘personal time’.

Get into gardening – plant flowers and even start your own vegetable garden and herb patch. This can also be done in an apartment, on a balcony, or even on the windowsills. Plants will enrich your environment with oxygen, and give you something to look after each day. Sharing gardening tips and photos of your hard work is also a good motivator and helps to keep contact flowing in the team group chats, and you all get to see how beautifully each of your gardens is flourishing!

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3. Engage In More Video Catch-ups With Colleagues

Communication is vital so try to organize video-calls with colleagues, whether it be to substitute sending an email or setting aside 30 minutes during the day to create a visual connection with co-workers. They’re probably looking for that human connection too, so never be afraid to ask! Similar to the first point, be mindful when organizing these calls that your broadband is not strained by other unnecessarily connected demands or streaming services. With an unstrained network, you are guaranteed the best quality calls when speaking with your colleagues. You don’t want any inconveniences when catching up!

It’s important not to lose touch with your colleagues and family, especially if you are living alone. Share truthfully how your day is going, and allow a safe space for people to share their thoughts and provide support. Set up informal group chats via Slack, Google Hangouts, or Whatsapp separate to the dedicated work channels, these are great methods of keeping in contact, or if you would prefer, why not call someone? Voice is still the number one choice when interacting with one another after all!

4. Maintain a Routine

Slipping out of our normal routine can be stressful and overwhelming. Get up at the same time each day, and use your usual commute time to do something constructive. Such as, making your bed, showering, getting ready, applying makeup, and even putting on your shoes! This will help you to feel like you are in control of your day. You should also be aware of your sleep patterns. 

It’s very easy to fall into gaming or watching television until 3 am and then feel drowsy and unmotivated the next morning. Get to bed at a reasonable hour every night. Getting the correct amount of sleep helps you to be able to deal with stress and any extra pressures which may arise. Maintaining a healthy diet is also essential. Make sure you’re getting as much fruit and vegetables in and also don’t forget to drink plenty of water. This can be achieved easier if you ensure you have water beside you throughout the day and aim for those eight glasses every day.  

One of the most important and key messages you can get from this blog is to stay connected with each other. Communication is fundamental, now more than ever. While we are meant to keep our distance from one another, that doesn’t mean our channels of contact should be closed, alternatively, they should be used even more. Be wary of problems on your network that could possibly interfere when catching up with colleagues, it’s always important to ensure that your channels for communication, both in and out of work, are running smoothly.

With Spearline, your business will be able to proactively test your toll and toll-free numbers for connectivity and audio quality globally. Enabling your organization to provide uninterrupted services to each other and your customers around the world. 

* For more content, be sure to connect with Josh O’Farrell on LinkedIn here.  

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