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In a recent interview with Moshe Beauford, technology journalist for UCToday, Spearline Software Engineer, Brian Mullins, spoke about two of the company’s products that recently received a makeover. He added, the offerings, which today go by new titles, reflect what they enable for Spearline customers who rely on audio testing in over 70 countries.

Poor audio quality can have an impact on customer service. Like many businesses, you may depend on international inbound telephone services for your contact center, or on outbound calling to drive new sales. Those telephone services are mission-critical and Spearline helps its customers through active path testing and monitoring to support what it calls ‘the ideal customer experience.’ Spearline’s flagship service is ‘Voice Assure,’ which provides scheduled automation to monitor enterprise dial-plans and generates alerts for any service issues. Spearline also offers ‘Voice Assure Realtime,’ which allows the immediate manual generation of test calls.

Mullins shared, you can think of ‘Voice Assure Realtime’ as a sort of on-demand troubleshooting tool that helps organizations to test and verify issues with customer numbers and take corrective measures in real-time. “This includes verifying services after change-management activity, and more.”

Voice Assure Realtime also has a multitude of benefits, including the visibility Spearline users gain into their networks (both internal and external). Mullins believes that proactive testing and monitoring is a natural choice for those wanting to provide exceptional customer service. “Businesses with an obsession with customer experience gravitate to Spearline.” With Voice Assure Realtime, users can generate test calls on-demand to verify that numbers do, in fact, connect.


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One of the most beneficial features of the platform is the ability to re-create any issue so you can understand the audio quality, tones, or prompts encountered from the network or interactive voice response. Voice Assure Interstate, another one of Spearline’s testing services, lets users run inbound and outbound tests on toll and toll-free numbers across the US and Canada.

You can verify, in real-time, call connection, call quality, DTMF transmission, CLI presentation, and more. Any identified issues are accompanied by all of the needed call detail to support root cause corrective action. With that detail, problem management costs are reduced, keeping valuable engineering talent focused on proactive project work.


Voice Assure has gone through many iterations over the years, with the latest getting lots of attention as businesses expand their use of collaboration tools. The product set, which has been leveraging WebRTC technology since 2017, is accessible through a unified interface, thanks to customer feedback.

In 2016, the company started mobile testing to its suite of capabilities, which gives users an even deeper understanding of how things are operating on their networks, Mullins added. The product is also extremely user-friendly for customers. Following the interview, Mullins stated that the product has continued to be received positively from Spearline customers.

*Article originally published on UCToday.
To listen to the rest of this interview and to learn more about Voice Assure and Voice Assure Realtime, tune in to the latest episode of the Spearline Podcast.

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