How To Improve Your Contact Centre QA

Call Center Quality Assurance (QA) is an important part of any call center as it allows a business to identify and solve customer issues. QA is important in the quest of acquiring new customers but  also helpful with reducing churn. If the customer has a bad experience it is easy for them to move to another company, there is no lack of options for the consumer.

A great starting point for QA is to survey your customers this could be done in a number of ways such as having a short survey at the end of a call or just having a page on the business website to leave comments on the service. There are multiple ways to signify if a customer is considering moving to another company, such as mentioning competitor prices and services, if the consumer has a clear dissatisfaction with the service. To try and solve this it’s suggested to use analytics. Analytics will provide insight that can help strengthen customer relations. 

Listening to calls is important for QA for many reasons. Obviously, for most companies, it would be impossible to listen to every call that comes through, so it is suggested that you monitor any calls that strayed from the norm. For instance, any calls that were very long or short calls where the agent performed either great or poor. Studying calls can lead to revelations on an agent who performed especially well, and in turn, the call could be used as training for other contact agents or new trainees. It is also important to listen to the entire call as the reason for a bad customer experience could only take place in an isolated 10 seconds of the call.

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When conducting QA it is vital that your agents are kept in the loop about what data is being recorded, agents should be allowed to assess themselves and each other, encourage feedback to be given openly. Don’t just focus on the negative feedback, if an agent has performed particularly well inform them and use the example when training other agents. Promote publicly, punish privately!

Another great way of QA testing is to set benchmarks. Highlight the most effective problem-solving methods and taking note of agents who perform consistently. Businesses should also see how they measure up against the competition, ideally compare your business to call centers of similar size and comparable activity.


Spearline Solution

Ensure your agent’s calls have the best audio quality. One of the most unenthusiastic things an agent can face is a poor phone connection when trying to deal with a customer. Poor audio quality will have a negative impact on your customers’ experience. If both your customer and your agent are struggling to communicate through poor audio quality, the call may take longer to resolve. For many contact centers, taking even a few seconds off each call, small improvements to first call resolution rates, or shaving a few valuable seconds off post-dial delay on all outbound calls, can represent a significant cost saving.

In the case of Spearline, measurements are taken using in-country calls, and the quality is benchmarked against a data set of millions of tests to date. The tests give an accurate reflection of the customer–contact center interaction from an audio quality point of view, including recordings of each and every test made.

The tests are automatically scheduled, cloud-based, and have a reporting system that can be tailored to each company’s requirements.

In addition, Spearline offers a complete managed service including, testing, reporting, fixing, and maintenance advice in order to maximize quality across your entire system wherever you are in the world.


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