How Spearline supports its customers with testing their numbers around the world.

Spearline notifies us of any potential issue before our customers do.



Telecoms blindspots

Large global organizations that have local access numbers all over the world could potentially be handling millions of calls every day from customers and prospects. Any degradation in their telecoms service, be it a drop in audio quality, or a complete outage, carries a high risk of damage to their customers’ experience and ultimately to their brand reputation.

It is therefore imperative to be able to check the quality that these individuals experience when they call in via these local numbers. Yet, for most organizations, it is impossible to dial in to in-country toll free access numbers from outside the country in question.

Additionally, organizations such as unified communications and those with a global call center presence rely heavily on multiple carriers to support their infrastructure and ensure an excellent customer experience. However, it can be impossible to isolate where and how connection and audio quality issues are happening. Oftentimes these organizations only become aware of an issue when their customers notify them putting them in a reactive as opposed to a proactive state which is not ideal. This is where Spearline comes in.

Proactive number monitoring 

We work with some of the world’s largest global enterprises and unified communications organizations with the proactive monitoring of their global numbers for connectivity and audio quality. We offer a variety of test types to measure what matters to you: connection, audio quality, touch tone (DTMF), latency & post dial delay (PDD). Whatsmore, all of our test types are available to suit most systems and network architectures with flexibility for your unique business.

“Spearline has been a tremendous partner, enabling us to provide more proactive early detection services, associated with international line incidents that enable a more proactive approach to resolving customer line quality issues in various countries throughout the world.  They have a commitment towards innovation and continuously improving their services by enabling us to automatically send our incidents to our respective carriers to avoid any unnecessary delays with the Incident management process.” 

Our connection test, our most straightforward test, and the basis for all our customers’ testing setup, dials your numbers from a Spearline in-country server. We can detect when the call is answered or if there is a connection related issue, and, after validating the problem, alert you before any of your customers do. The audio quality test enables replication of a customer’s call and generation of objective audio quality scores. Find out more about all our test types and how they can benefit your organisation here.


Why number testing? 

Here are just some of the benefits our customers from all over the world have experienced as a result of implementing the Spearline platform:

  • Replicate your customers’ call experience.
  • Fix issues before your customers even notice, with proactive testing.
  • Test your customer-facing numbers during a country’s out of business hours
  • Spearline’s real-time alerts help to identify potential outages quickly so you can contact your carriers and affected customers right away
  • Monitor call quality
  • Benchmark and manage the performance of your carriers using our data from millions of tests conducted globally
  • Spearline’s data and reports can help with choosing the carrier that offers the highest level of service. 

The Spearline platform helps us monitor our call quality and makes us aware of any issues that our customers might report and thus allows us to be more proactive than reactive.

Global unified communications organization


Find out more 

To find about more about the range of test types we have available that can monitor your numbers for connectivty and audio quality, please check out our test types page


New to Spearline?

Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Our platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. If you are interested in benefiting from our platform, please get in touch with us.

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