Exciting new developments from Spearline

We have a number of key developments happening in 2020 that we’re excited to share with you:

  • Spearline SIP Route Tester
  • Spearline SMS Verifier
  • Spearline executive reports  
  • Spearline Platform redesign
  • ‘Patrick’ AI Connection


Please read below to find out more.



Spearline SIP Route Tester 

From February 2020, Spearline customers will have the power to add new, and edit existing SIP trunks and carrier / prefix details directly from the numbers module on the Spearline Platform. 

Spearline SIP Route Tester will allow you to configure your own trunk and carrier routes in real-time to support testing. You will have the ability to create a campaign, add SIP trunks and configure them with the trunk name, termination gateway, and dialing options.  


  • More flexibility.  You’re in the driver’s seat! You will be able to configure SIP trunks, carrier codes and dialing formats directly from the Spearline Platform without ever having to place a request with our development team to set up.   
  • Save time. With the power to configure SIP trunks yourself, it means you can get started straight away.  
  • Full visibility of all your SIP trunks in one central place. You will have the added benefit of being able to edit straight from the portal, including changing the CLI (caller line identification) whereby you set the number you want to dial out with.    
  • Free of charge! Spearline SIP Route Tester won’t cost you anything extra.



Spearline SMS Verifier

Mobile has fundamentally transformed consumer behavior and their expectations.  Currently, 5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages – about 65% of the world’s population.*

With such a rise in popularity of mobile usage around the world, we are delighted to announce that from February 2020, our customers will be able to test the sending of an SMS message to a destination specified by them, via the Spearline API. 


Why Spearline SMS Verifier?
  • Test SMS messaging and delivery before it’s sent to your customer, across an international network between your organization and your customers.  
  • Know with certainty whether an SMS message has been received, either “sent” or “failed to send” by the intended party.  
  • Access real-time reporting and analytics via Spearline API polling.   
How does Spearline SMS Verifier work?
  • The Spearline server stands in place of your customer’s server and checks if the text message was received.   
  • SMS Verifier is an extension to the Spearline API that allows you to test the sending of an SMS message to a destination specified by you.  
  • You will have access to live data which will highlight which SMS messages were received, and which ones weren’t.



Spearline executive reports

From April 2020, we will be issuing the first phase of monthly executive reports.

We’ve been working hard on creating a flexible engine that will allow us to create reports quickly so that our customers can get the important data they need to make crucial decisions in theie business.  

Executive reports will contain:
  • Individualized commentary highlighting unique issues and trends that relevant to your business.  
  • Country-by-country benchmarks on audio quality, connection rates and post-dial delay. This will allow you to compare and benchmark your telecoms infrastructure’s performance against others in your industry.  
  • Key developments that are happening on the Spearline Platform.


Please contact your dedicated Spearline Customer Engagement Manager to discuss your individual requirements.



You asked, we listened 

Based on feedback from our customers, we have started work on making some significant improvements to the Spearline platform.

From September 2020, our customers will start to see the following new developments:

  • A more intuitive design.  
  • A visually more appealing user interface which is compatible on a wide range of devices – laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  
  • Overall improved performance.  
  • More intuitive workflows that will help your business do what it needs to do.



‘Patrick’ AI Connection 

Every day, we conduct thousands of in-country test calls across our enterprise, unified communications and carrier customers in over 60 countries worldwide. This in turn gives us a powerful dataset which allows us to identify which carriers are performing well, and which may be experiencing issues in a region at any point in time. 

‘Patrick’ AI will make use of this data and put it to work for you. It will create a community effect whereby if we detect an issue for one of our customers, your number will be automatically tested if it has a similar carrier and route.  

Real world example:

Customer A and Customer B both have Spanish toll free numbers. We detect that Customer A’s number is not connecting and alert them to an issue. ‘Patrick’ AI will automatically test Customer B’s number to see if they too are experiencing the same issue and alert them if the issue is also affecting them.

In this example, ‘Patrick’ AI will also have the power to test neighboring countries such as France and Portugal where the affected carrier is offering services.

‘Patrick’ AI will be available to our customers from October 2020. 


Get in touch 

If there is anything in this update you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Spearline Customer Engagement Manager, email support@spearline.com or call us on +353 (0)28 51460


New to Spearline?

Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Our platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. If you are interested in benefiting from our platform, please get in touch with us.


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* Source:  Slicktext.com

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