Ensure your global contact numbers are working with Spearline

It’s a safe bet that your company’s global contact numbers are operational, and why shouldn’t they be? Companies all across the world think that their worldwide contact lines are always functioning and that there is never a problem. They should be, by right; after all, you’re paying for them, so why should there be any doubt?

However, in our experience, with a significant data set to deal with, roughly one out of every twenty-five calls fails, and you may not even be aware of it. However, the consumer does, and this is where the issue lies.

It may be numerous potential consumers who called to buy your product but received a “busy” tone and hung up, or even worse, current customers calling for technical assistance who couldn’t hear the agent became frustrated and hung up without getting a response. Will they come back to you for more? Highly unlikely.

Contact number failures cost businesses millions of revenue every day, most of which stems from customer churn, and without regular monitoring, you have no idea if it’s happening. Typically, this can happen in four ways:

  • Call fails to connect entirely (bad)
  • Call connects, but the poor audio quality makes conversation impossible (also bad)
  • Interactive voice response system (IVR) takes the caller to the wrong place (really bad, depending on where they go)
  • Line transfers to different company entirely (catastrophic if the call goes to your competitor)

Whatever the case may be, the essential takeaway is that your phone lines are one of your most valuable assets. They’re far too crucial to gamble on whether or not they’re working. Second-guessing is an expensive and ineffective business strategy. If you’re a business executive with a customer-focused contact center, it’s time to ask yourself, “How many of my customer-facing numbers are failing?”

Customers frequently blame poor call quality on the contact center’s offshore location. Multinationals could not check if their numbers were working without physically being in a place less than a decade ago. They had to rely on friends and family members living overseas, as well as backpackers, to dial the numbers for them.

To overcome this telecommunications gap, an in-country number-testing solution has been developed since then. So, perhaps it’s time to check into technologies like these, particularly if you believe your contact center is having a high number of calls with poor audio quality – perhaps more than one in every 25. Stop making educated guesses and make proactive ones instead. Platforms like Spearline may assist you in pinning down vulnerabilities by using proactive monitoring and testing techniques.

Spearline can help you to manage your brand reputation by ensuring that your customers always have an excellent call experience. If there’s a problem with your call, you will be the first to know. Not only can Spearline identify issues which could potentially impact your customers, but it can also provide the insights that you need to optimize and drive improvements in your customer interactions.

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Spearline provides an early identification system, supporting a stronger network, generating satisfied customers, thus producing more revenue for your business. For further information, or if you have any further questions, please get in touch with us. Start testing your numbers today! Sign up now to get a free trial of the Spearline Platform.

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