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Telecommunications networks are full of blind spots. You might have confidence that your private enterprise network delivers voice traffic from your network edge to your staff or agents, but what do you know about the network space that your customer transits to get to you?

Global calling, whether inbound contact center services, conferencing, cloud PBX, or dial-out, can be complex.  No single carrier has truly global coverage. Calls will naturally transit multiple networks, pass through various regulatory zones, and carrier partnerships, and bilateral agreements.

Every phone call occurs with a unique set of circumstances on the global network so that each call is directed based on commercial agreements, available network capacities, and service configurations. Multiple interconnects may be involved, and the greater the number of participating carriers and network hops involved, the greater the chances of problems with connectivity, voice quality, CLI (caller line ID) presentation, and DTMF (touch-tone) recognition. Beyond the edge of your private network, a lot is happening.

Your contact numbers are mission-critical.  Your collaboration tools are mission-critical.  Your communications technology is how you engage with the world during a majority of these pandemic days. Connectivity and voice quality are key factors that can make or break a conversation. If you are selling or supporting your product in that conversation, any call issues are putting a negative spotlight on your business.  


Spearline Solution

Spearline’s Voice Assure Realtime is a favorite tool for resolver teams as the Spearline network enables a call to be made from within the country of interest. This is critical not only because many international toll-free services can only be dialed from in-country but also because any generated call will take the path a genuine caller might take.

Voice Assure Realtime allows your teams to re-create a fault, generating not only critical CDRs (call detail records) but also an event recording to capture audio quality, tones and prompts encountered from network or IVR. Voice Assure Realtime allows you to validate connectivity to a number in real-time, regardless of where in the world that number is located.

Regardless of where your engineering talent is located, they have the ability to select which country they wish to originate a call from, whether they wish to use a fixed-line or a mobile/ cellular network, and dial. This quickly determines if the number is connecting and if it is connecting to the correct termination point. Depending on the number dialed, the user can hear and interact with an agent or an IVR system. In doing so, they can verify quality and call characteristics vital to you.

With CDR’s and event recordings for any incidents, teams find engaging with carriers much more productive and root-cause corrective action so much more achievable. With each issue resolved, there is a better, more robust network.


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Should you have any questions with regards to Voice Assure Realtime, please do not hesitate to contact your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager. Alternatively, please contact our 24/7 support team by email support@spearline.com, or phone +353 28 51460. Read more about the features and benefits of Voice Assure and Voice Assure Realtime here.  


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Spearline is the telecommunication industry’s leading network intelligence company. We proactively test toll and toll-free numbers for connectivity, audio quality, and more, globally. For further information, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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