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The most refreshing, but also most frustrating aspect about trends, is that they come and go so fast, that by the time you begin to get used to it, it’s outdated or evolved into something new. At Spearline, many of our customers are contact centers all around the world, used for customer service, sales, and product information. We thought we’d take a look at some of the current trends in the contact center industry and predict where things may be headed.

  1. AR and VR

    We had previously looked at what the move toward Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, enabled by the telecommunications environment, could mean. Seen as the next step in enhancing the customer experience, AR will enable clients to demonstrate precisely what the issue is, allowing help officers/support agents to visually see and diagnose the issue, recommending any troubleshooting and resolution options via the voice channel.

  2. Big Data

    With ever-larger amounts of data to cope with from surveys, social media, speech analytics, web analytics, etc. companies are in danger of being overwhelmed by the amount of data they have on their customers’ needs and behaviors. Trying to understand what the data is telling us and incorporating it into our CRM is one of the biggest tasks facing marketers right now.

  3. Chatbots and Self-Service

    Have you noticed more and more popup bubbles asking if you require assistance as you visit websites, perhaps with an icon or profile picture? You’re talking to a chat-bot, and the transfer from bot to an actual live agent has become even more seamless with each day. With the introduction and development of A.I., the possibilities are growing for the customer experience. It’s faster, easier and it generates more revenue for the business.                                                                         


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  4. Omnichannel Cloud

    An omnichannel cloud call center aims to present itself more simply to the customer.  Where a customer wishes part of his/her interaction to be online, and another through a brick-and-mortar shopfront, the experience is seamless; where an interaction is escalated from chat-bot to agent, it is seamless. Omnichannel is a multi-channel customer service approach that offers a flawless atmosphere across all points of contact and is easily accessible. For contact center management, all interactions are controlled, monitored, and measurable. 

  5. Teleworking

    We also previously looked at Teleworking/e-working/remote working and how it is being implemented more and more, becoming the most popular and efficient way of working. The rise in interest is driven by lower overhead costs, flexible workforce management, access to skilled staff, and employee satisfaction and retention that translate to customer satisfaction.

    2019 has been a busy year in the industry and developments are just going to keep evolving. Wherever change affects the voice channel, Spearline will be there to proactively monitor and test.


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