Communications at Christmas

Throughout the world, individuals have been deeply affected by the current pandemic. It has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of work. This includes the enforcement of lockdown measures, which have forced the closure of workplaces and office buildings globally. Many workers have relocated to remote working from their homes for the foreseeable future, which has put a toll on the networks.

The pandemic has also dramatically altered the way we socialize and communicate with each other. Recent studies suggest that many are turning towards technology to alleviate isolation and to stay in contact with their colleagues, family and friends.

Additionally, travel bans and border closures mean that it is significantly more difficult to travel in the current circumstances. Governments are working towards the introduction of rapid testing at airports and ports and further measures to allow for greater travel and movement of people.

However, one thing is certain… Christmas 2020 will be very different from those which we have experienced previously.

The restrictions mean that the traditional family reunion scenes at airports which have become synonymous with the festive period are likely to be replaced by virtual gatherings, enabled by technology. Virtual game nights and video calls have become a significant part of day-to-day living during this global pandemic. Yet, the ability to connect with loved ones globally will be more important than ever during the festive weeks.


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These priceless conversations and interactions are reliant on strong telecommunication networks across the globe. In order to optimize the experience and reduce the feelings associated with the enforced physical separation, providers can optimize their customer experience and communication by proactively monitoring their phone numbers in-country. They are then enabled to understand if one or more of their numbers are being challenged with audio quality issues or even failing to connect before there is an impact on customers.

This proactive approach will ensure that individuals are enabled to speak with each other and to virtually see their loved ones who may be scattered across the globe. Such platforms will also be critical for allowing those categorized as vulnerable or who may be cocooning or isolating to spend “time” virtually with their family and friends. Therefore, it is imperative that the service is uninterrupted and of the highest quality. The positive impact of in-country number testing globally for optimum customer experience is endless.

With restrictions on social gatherings and travel bans, even Santa Claus is turning to technology to ensure that he can speak with children around the world ahead of Christmas. There are several services available which offer personalized videos from the man himself. Many also offer the ability to have a live video call so that he can speak in real-time with children and their families.


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