An interview with Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding (GCF) was launched in 2007 with the goal of becoming an exclusive outlet for toll-free and local numbers. Founded in 1996, GCF’s parent company, United World Telecom (UWT), originally operated as a callback service provider. As their customer portfolio continued to quickly expand, GCF was created in 2007 as a distinctive brand dedicated to providing international toll-free and local numbers.

GCF Business Development Manager, Luke Genoyer, and Technical Support Lead, Alain Rodriguez, recently spoke with our team on the Spearline Podcast. They discussed a wide variety of topics including how proactive call monitoring is vital for the customer experience. They detailed that the world of telecoms is “a dynamic one” which is continuously evolving. 

Because of this, Alain emphasized that it is so important to stay ahead of the competition. GCF uses Spearline so that they are immediately alerted when a problem occurs and can figure out solutions before the customer is impacted. “We can then contact the customer and inform them not only about what went wrong with their line but also provide them with the solution.”

Furthering Alain’s point, Luke spoke about how Spearline’s voice monitoring software is essential in enhancing the customer experience by improving “the overall quality of people’s conversations, leading to crystal clear voice calls.”

Alain continued to explain that the ‘programmed approach’ is something GCF has found to be most effective in refining the customer experience. As an example, he mentioned how beneficial it is for a manager to be able to proactively listen to the calls, assess and enhance the overall quality performance of the test calls before the customer is impacted.

Many companies have a lot of important lines such as emergency numbers which are always on standby but receive little traffic. But as Alain stated:

you need to make sure that they're ready to go when they need to, so you must be on top of those.

Technical Support Lead, Alain Rodriguez

This is critical as lines that are on standby and which are not frequently being utilized must still be checked for quality and connection because otherwise, issues can easily go unnoticed. Problems can then arise which affect your customers.

By offering the largest selection of local, mobile, and toll-free business phone numbers from more than 160 countries worldwide, GCF supports companies in the financial services, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and e-commerce sectors to communicate with their customers globally.

To listen to the full interview, where Alain and Luke discuss the future of the contact center, and the role speech analytics will play, tune in to the Spearline Podcast Season 2 Episode 9: “Global Call Forwarding’s programmed approach to quality.”  

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