A behind the scenes look at the importance of benchmarking and testing

Could you tell us briefly about your background and role at Spearline?

My role at Spearline is Technical Solutions Architect and it is heavily involved in the pre-sales process as well as assisting all business units, sales, customer engagement, development, product, marketing, as well as new and existing customers. It’s basically everything from training to test configuration and drafting new tests type specifications. So it involves a lot of different areas. In relation to my background, I have previous experience working in the telecoms industry and working in customer services for more than a decade. 


And what drew you to come to Ireland and work with this company? 

That’s a funny story. I came to visit my sister during the summer holiday season, and summer in West Cork was so beautiful. I was charmed by the people, the stunning scenery and everything and just simply said, yes, this is the place I want to be. And it happened. 


What are some key advantages of your role? 

Part of the job I love is having the opportunity to work with all teams and customers. I really enjoy the different dynamics of the role and technical aspects of it. I also love those moments of satisfaction when we are the first to identify the issue and to hear customer has resolved it. It is the happy customers is what makes me the happiest. 


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And how is Spearline different from other similar companies? 

There is a lot but I’m just going to give you a few, such as excellent support including the customer engagement team and 24/7 testing support. We have wide coverage and continually expanding. Customers have full control of testing, they decide how, where and when they want to test with constant access to testing results and real-time fails alerting. 

We look after customers and their numbers and providing them with peace of mind. We also are giving customers the Spearline benchmark so they can fairly compare how their country numbers are performing against other tests in the country. 


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What separates the Spearline benchmark from others? 

The Spearline benchmark is an average audio quality being achieved in a particular country across all Spearline customer testing for the last three months. This gives our customer baseline so they can do fair comparison on how their numbers in the country were performing against the entire country. Quality from country to country may vary. There are countries where average quality will be lower than in other countries due to, for example, in-country own line infrastructure.  


Could you explain a little bit further on why testing is important? 

Let’s imagine the number is not accessible for a short while at the same time every day and customers cannot reach out to it. This issue can be easily missed,  as it may not be detected or may not be reported by the endpoint customer who may never call this number again. If you proactively monitor the performance of your numbers, you will know before the customer’s notice and you’ll be able to spot the trends and fix issues faster, delivering excellent and error-free services.


To listen in on more of this interview, be sure to tune in to the Spearline Podcast.

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