3 easy, tried-and-true ways to boost the customer experience

Any good business has a contact center to handle consumer issues, so it’s critical to ensure that the customer’s experience is pleasant. Even if the complaint has been resolved by the agent, things can get tough in the way of fixing the problem, which can quickly lead to client turnover.

An agent is constantly under a lot of pressure to ensure your customers always have the best experience on a call. They are the client’s first point of contact with the company, and in the eyes of the customer, they are the company. They are a representation of the company’s service and image. As a result, the agent must ensure that the service they have is of the highest caliber.

In a recent survey conducted by Superoffice.com, 1,920 business professionals were asked: “what is the top business priority for the next 5 years?” As expected, customer experience (CX) came out on top.

Research by American Express found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. While recently, the Temkin Group published a study and found that companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience.

But, how can one guarantee that their clients have the highest possible call experience? Here are three easy, tried-and-true ways to boost the customer experience when communicating with a call center:  


1.  Always listen to your customers

The simplest solutions are oftentimes the ones that are always overlooked. Customers deserve to know that their calls are not only answered but also heard and that the company is doing everything possible to address their concerns. There is a lot of work on the call agent because they are representing the company, so to ensure that the call goes smoothly, reassure your customer constantly that you’re doing everything possible to solve their problem.

This can be as easy as repeating what they said and emphasizing how important the customer’s opinion is to them. An organization will ensure not only positive growth but also maximized customer satisfaction by streamlining business plans according to customer’s wishes.

2.   Analyse Where Customers Are Dropping off the Customer Journey

The contact center will take proactive measures to minimize abandonment by analyzing consumer experiences to see if consumers are dropping off over time. For example, at high abandonment points, they may make contextual deals through human-assisted chat and conduct A/B research to see whether this improves customer interaction.

Another example is analyzing consumer questions to see whether there are any gaps in the knowledge base information, in terms of whether the content is available and of good quality.

3.   Proactively Monitor the Audio Quality of Phone Calls

One of the biggest frustrations a customer can face is a poor quality call when speaking to an agent, especially when they are already on a call about an existing problem. Nobody likes a bad phone line, and it’s unfair for your agents to take the fall for a latency or jitter issue. A poor quality call can quickly lead to a dropped call, with nothing getting resolved, leaving the customer annoyed and moving to a competing business.

How can this be avoided? Simple. Implement proactive monitoring to your company’s phone lines, doing so helps avoid this issue, preventing customer churn. Not only are your customers happy, but your call agents are also satisfied with how well and smoothly your business operates. Time and effort in troubleshooting issues are reduced, with less hassle for management, while also being extremely cost-effective. 

Customer loyalty is serious business, and no company should take it lightly. Customers know what they want (after all, the customer is always right), so pay attention to them. A friendly and supportive phone call will quickly brighten someone’s day and strengthen brand loyalty. And proactive surveillance will prevent any future issues before they reach the customers. 

*image sourced from SuperOffice.com.  

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