Where the Spearline story began

The Spearline story began in 2003 when the company was founded by college friends Kevin Buckley, CEO and Matthew Lawlor, CTO.

What our product does

Spearline and its product has hugely evolved since the business started. Today, the Spearline product is innovative, yet simple - we independently monitor toll-free and toll numbers. We support business sectors, such as contact centers, conferencing services and other applications, in successfully connecting with their customers. With the Spearline SaaS solution, our enterprise, unified communications and telecoms customers can test audio quality and connectivity globally.

The journey towards today

In 2009, Spearline developed the first automated number test and partnered with global conferencing company PGi. At the time, we had servers in 15 countries worldwide.

In 2013, we launched manual tests as a SaaS with servers in 35 countries worldwide. This was a turning point in the Spearline story as we know it today.

Spearline Co-Founders, Kevin Buckley, CEO and Matthew Lawlor, CTO

Major growth for Spearline

By 2014, Spearline secured its first major multinational enterprise customer, introduced customer service 24/7 teams and servers in 42 countries worldwide. Within a year, we announced major jobs growth with a doubling of our workforce. 

In 2016, we introduced a new development team in Romania, a new testing platform, and mobile offering online. At this stage, we had servers in 60 countries worldwide.

Why we are a success

The main ingredients of the Spearline success story are the knowledge of our team, an outstanding product and brilliant customers. Spearline has resilience born through learning from challenges and an ability to adapt, persevere and innovate.

Co-founders Kevin Buckley and Matthew Lawlor attribute the business’ growth to a great product that delivers value for customers. In essence, Spearline has developed a unique platform that increases intelligence around customer experiences in the telecoms infrastructure.

Spearline continues to develop the business - its product, team and servers in more countries to meet customer demand.

Spearliners behind the scenes

Spearline has a win or learn culture. We embrace diversity and inclusion in our broad talent pool with several nationalities represented on our team. Spearliners are known for their common sense and can-do work ethic - if a customer has a request we deliver by finding a solution.  

Where we are today

Today, Spearline continues to grow with offices in Ireland, Romania and India, growing global network coverage and a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year support service to customers.


Corporate HQ

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