Route Testing

Test for audio quality, connectivity, DTMF and CLI automatically worldwide

Route testing worldwide

Proactively monitor call routing end to end 
  • Capability


    Test for DTMF, CLI and audio quality with our easy to use automated tests

  • Comparison


    Test multiple routes and benchmark carriers against one another with measurable connectivity and audio quality parameters

  • Control


    Knowledge is power so manage your ongoing carrier relationships and make key routing decisions based on clear measurable KPis 

  • Certification


    Spearline provides a clear certification process for onboarding new downstream carriers with a clear way of measuring and comparing one against the other. 

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Route Testing

How it works...
How it works


Compare routing options worldwide 

Keep track of quality and service in a complex environment. Spearline automated route testing allows carriers to perform a series of tests through many different routes. Audio quality, DTMF and CLI are tested on each of your routes to allow you make an informed decision on how you route your calls.

Our tests also establish a certification process for onboarding new downstream carriers. Spearline provide's a way of measuring and comparing one against the other. 

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  • Easy to set up with no hardware installation required
  • Easy to use reporting and analytics interface
  • Test DTMF, CLI and audio quality across different routes
  • Schedule test for testing high volumes simultaneously

Key Benefits

Measure what matters

    Compare multiple routes by measuring important parameters


    Use clear data to decide on partners and keep suppliers honest


    Use test data to provide certification for onboarding new carriers


    Retain control over extremely complex environments with clear information


Customer Use Case

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