Number Testing
  1. Automated test calls are placed from within the same country as the toll or toll-free number (TFN) being tested
  2. Calls are connected to a test audio prompt by enabling an ANI/CLI check or navigating through a hidden IVR option
  3. A recorded piece of audio is played during the test call and this piece of audio is measured for quality using an international industry standard measurement scale
  4. The result of the test call is reported in the system in real time with automated failure reports generated if required
  5. Your audio quality score is benchmarked against millions of similar tests carried out by Spearline
  6. The entire test call is recorded for playback at any time
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Number Testing

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Number Testing

In-country global toll and toll-free number testing

In-Country Number Testing

Make sure your mission-critical numbers are operational and generating revenue and service worldwide
  • Automated tests

    Automated Tests

    Automatically test high volumes of toll and toll-free numbers with automated alerts for non-functioning numbers

  • Manual tests

    Manual Tests

    Manually test numbers for provisioning and troubleshoot problems as they arise

  • Audio quality

    Audio Quality

    Measure the audio quality of calls in-country and benchmark your numbers' performance against millions of tests carried out by us worldwide

  • Inbound and outbound

    Inbound and Outbound

    Tests can be configured for both inbound and outbound routes with automated outage and quality alerts

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Number Testing

How it works...
How it works


Real time results you can trust

Spearline's capability and expertise in carrying out tens of millions of tests worldwide gives you real world insights into your toll and toll-free numbers' (TFN) performance. With automated or manual live testing, outage and poor audio quality alerts and real time reporting you need never be in the dark about your numbers’ performance. All tests supported by our 24/7 customer testing support team.

Our tests are carried out within the same country as the TFN with failures reported in real time. Toll and toll-free number testing helps you make continuous improvements to your service quality and shows your customers both internal and external you really care about getting it right.

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  • Easy to use testing platform with no hardware installation required
  • Scheduled tests and reports with automated failure alerts
  • Test high volumes of numbers simultaneously
  • Audio quality scores simulating actual customer experience

Key Benefits

Measure what matters

    Build a detailed picture of your numbers' performance worldwide, benchmarked against millions of test results


    Improve overall performance on an ongoing basis and demonstrate a commitment to quality to your cutomers


    With live reporting and automated alerts, respond to outages and quality issues proactively and manage fixes through testing


    Increase usage and ROI through a continuous improvement process with easy to use reporting giving you access to vital KPIs 


Customer Use Case

Worldwide monitoring of mission critical toll and toll-free numbers

Our customer maintains dozens of toll and toll-free numbers worldwide for their sales and customer service functions. When we first approached them they were content with the service they provided and were not aware of any major issues or customer complaints with either numbers failing or poor audio quality. We started to test their most important numbers as a proof of concept and were able to identify immediately some audio quality issues in particular countries. 

Following our advice our customer was able to work with their carriers on areas where transcoding was leading to quality issues.  The numbers were re-tested and showed a 40% increase in audio quality. These numbers are now scheduled for automatic testing as part of our customers overall testing programme and have real time alerts where the quality falls below agreed limits or the numbers fail to work. 

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