False Answer Testing

Global testing of common issues such as false answer, early answer and late disconnect issues.

False answer supervision testing 

Automated worldwide testing to eliminate excess billing
  • Proactive


    Proactively monitor possible FAS with automated tests recording connection status and duration

  • Accurate


    Easy to use reporting interface to provide proof of inaccurate billing due to FAS

  • Protective


    Manage your routing and lower costs. Protect your profitability. 

  • Quality


    Demonstrate your committment to quality of service to your customers

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False Answer Supervision

How it works...
How it works


Accurate monitoring of connection status and call duration worldwide

False Answer Supervision (FAS) has become a global phenomenon in recent years with a huge increase in incorrect and fraudulent billing worldwide. Spearline automated testing provides accurate details of call duration with fully recorded calls.

Test calls have their call detail record (CDR) matched automatically with that of the carrier and checked against billing to ensure accuracy and transparency.

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  • Provides detailed call samples where FAS is detected
  • Analyses and compares CDRs
  • Automated recorded global test 
  • Easy to set up with no hardware installation required

Key Benefits

Measure what matters

    Call duration and connection status records for clarity


    Ongoing proactive monitoring of service providers


    Easy to use reporting structure and interface


    Provide protection from increased billing and increase profitability


Customer Use Case

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Coming soon

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